Nothing is Lost    05/26/2008

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Members: Pete Lush (songs), Miss Ping (backing vocals, harmonica and pictures)

"Expertly understated ...a beauty built upon intertwining guitar picking patterns and the hammers of a piano somewhere dropping as if by the grace of gravity alone in all the perfect places."- Maverick

Things in Herds是支英国Brighton的两人组合,由Pete Lush担任创作和主音,女生Miss Ping负责合声和口琴,并为乐队创作宣传画和封面,两人最早曾是苏格兰Fife民谣乐队Fence Collective的成员。乐队成立于1999年,至今已发行过三张专辑,最新的一张叫做Nothing is Lost

低调优美略带忧郁气质的民谣,有句评论说得很好,"Things in Herds are one of those beautiful secrets that it seems a shame to share for fear of ruining it",最喜欢的一曲是You Know

Things in Herds - Nothing is Lost [Album] 2008
Release Date: 16th June 2008
Label: Gfolk Records
01. Once Were
02. As You Were Ending
03. That's All
04. Nothing is Lost
05. If Nothing Means a Thing
06. Something to Do
07. Quiet Enough
08. Before You Go
09. You Know
10. Where Do We Go?
11. (Exclusive limited edition track)
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