Petrograd In Transit    05/10/2008
Post Rock/Electronic/Ambient/Shoegaze

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Band Members: Ted, Brian, Josh, Doug

"After last night’s show at New World, I want St. Petersburg’s Petrograd In Transit to be my personal theme band. Epic and sweeping, every daily activity--no matter how mundane--would be life affirming with Petrograd behind me. I could solve life’s mysterious while walking the dog, mature beyond my years washing dishes, and remember where I left my wallet that one summer in 1996. Powerful shit. Influenced by Explosions in the Sky and (a personal favorite) electronic shoegaze impressario, Ulrich Schnauss, its amazing to believe this was Petrograd’s first gig, especially when you consider the genre calls for tight cues. Twenty minutes became way too short of a set. Welcome to the scene, boys."--REAX

找不出帅哥型男,也没有漂亮的宣传照片和专辑封面,Petrograd In Transit的四位大叔来自俄罗斯,成立于06年7月,乐队不论是在Yelsinky省还是边远的西伯利亚,都拥有一定的知名度,当然那还远远不够,加上养家的责任(每个成员总共至少有7个孩子),他们的目标是首都——一定要在圣彼得堡演出,于是大家整日在某愚钝经纪人的耳边念叨,终于有一天,他们到了圣彼得堡,甚至还去了佛罗里达,那里没有熏鱼和社会,只有棕榈树和温暧的阳光,人们的脸上挂着新奇的微笑,他们说,"Please enjoy our music. We make it especially for you. With a little help we will get Visas and tour this great nation. Please don’t generalize us Russians; we are a moody, self-obsessed people who love brooding, literature and ballet, not the fun-loving Europeans you take us for"

一直觉得后摇很难写(所以也一直很佩服TSB那帮人),也就不多罗嗦。这型的确是我的最爱,This Will Destroy You+Sigur Rós也不算太夸张,初听时放到第三首,正在往PR群里敲“还不错,第3首有点挫”的时候,突然又停了下来,1分53秒是个神奇时刻,就好像推开了一扇门,进到另一个世界...

Petrograd In Transit - Lifesize Balloon Animals [EP] 2008

Label: Wise Owl Records
01 - A Futon In The Office
02 - Lexington And Concorde
03 - Similar Vain
04 - So Far Yet So Close 1
05 - The Pinkwater Memoirs 1
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