Boy is Fiction    10/14/2007
Definitely one of my favorite IDM album of 2007

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This album is the perfect soundtrack to modernism, with all its self-doubt and loss of faith, always seeking something but losing it in a haze of smog and machinery. Though a few of the longer tracks overstay their welcome, this is a solid debut album that is difficult to avoid getting wrapped up in. I, for one, can’t wait to see the next album’s cover. ~ The Silent Ballet

来自澳洲墨尔本的音乐人Alex,去年7月开始以Boy is Fiction的名字发表氛围电音作品,今年首张同名专辑由英国厂牌List Records代理,也是List发行的首张非本国艺人唱片。十分低调的artist,myspace上连姓名都省去,只知他用简单的键盘,吉它,采样,鼓机和合成器,做出的音乐却会让我想起挚爱的BOC, Port-Royal和M83,那种飘忽不定的气质,超乎自然的美,和梦游般的世界...

Boy is Fiction - Boy is Fiction [Album] 2007
Release Date: June, 2007
Label: List Records
01 BiF Vs 307
02 Why Did You Do That
03 Tomorrow Not Today
04 I'll Look For You
05 If You Hear Me Fall
06 Stack Is Bad
07 Should Have Stopped
08 Glue Let Me Think
09 Say Ah
10 The Bits In The Numbers
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"Say Ah" remix by Detritus free download

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