结婚这码事    01/24/2010

乔治·克鲁尼在Up in the Air里劝妹夫: "Life is better with company. And everybody needs a co-pilot"(有人陪伴的人生更美好,每个人都需要一个副驾驶)

伊桑·霍克在Before Sunset里解释说: "it's more like I have this...this idea of my best self! You know? And I wanted to pursue that...even if it might have been overriding my honest self! You know what I'm saying? I mean, it's funny like...in the moment I remember thinking that it didn't much matter the "Who?" of it all...I mean that…that nobody is gonna be everything to you...and that ultimately it's just a simple action of committing yourself, you know meeting your responsibilities that...that matters. I mean what is love, right, if it's not respect, trust, admiration…and I...I felt all those things"(准确来说是...我内心中有种对自我的完美期许,我想去追求那种自我,即使代价是失去真实的自我,我记得在那个时候,我并不觉得和“谁”结婚这个问题很重要,一个人并不是你生命的全部...到头来这只是一种负责的表现...就是说,负担起你的责任来,这才是最重要的。爱是什么?如果它不是尊敬,信赖和钦佩的话?而我当时都感觉到了)



也许像Boston Legal里Denny Crane说的,“what's the point?”,这是一个永远也不应该问的问题

Negative Reviews    01/01/2010
看差评是件乐事, all from RYM

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion 2009
"This is a terrible album. End of story. With the exception of My Girls (which is fantastic) and some mediocre songs early on in the album, the album is horrid. They have an annoying tendency to have repeat EVERY SINGLE WORD that is said (about 5 times too), put that above about 5 layers of noise, add a MIDI coded melody on top and add the most annoying aounding bass drum in histyory to constantly bang away at you while you sit there gnashing your teeth in frustration. A horrible album and not recommended for anyone really, (except for the religious followers of pitchfork)." --stevo796 两颗星

The xx - XX 2009
"i would probably use the word "sexy" to describe this band...until i saw their picture, which made me realize that the band is made up of two heroin addicts and two lesbians. "heart skipped a beat" is a good song." --xperronex 两星半

Morrissey -Years of Refusal 2009
"Except for the opening and closing tracks, this is unrelentingly mediocre. At this stage Morrissey either needs to get new a band / songwriter / creative muse to work with, or call it quits." --chris_crumpete 两颗星

kashiwa daisuke - 5 dec. 2009
"He aims at awfully lot things here, but rarely succeeds. You get everything: breakbeat, bass heavy beat, guitars, voice samples, slow-paced violin and piano songs. But all those parts don't work together and just distract attention from one another." -lone_hunter 两颗星

Arctic Monkeys - Humbug 2009
"Stop releasing albums guys. Your sound never changes, you've been releasing the same crap about Sheffield for the last 5 years." -Deanforth 半颗星

Weezer - Raditude 2009
"ok, that does it.
Pitchfork: Based on the handful of tracks I've heard from the album, it sounds very teen-pop. Do you listen to that type of stuff around the house?
RC: Yeah, I listen to music a lot on the treadmill-- I would test Raditude songs out on the treadmill.
Pitchfork: What are the most-played song on your iTunes?
RC: Let me check. ... Funnily enough, it's Aly & AJ's "Potential Break Up Song." I didn't realize I had listened to it 41 times. Then there's "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé, Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl", Arcade Fire's "Keep the Car Running", Hannah Montana's "Nobody's Perfect", Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold", and the Killers' "Human".
no, really.
update #2: this truly makes the red album look like a masterpiece. "love is the answer" reaches new heights of awfulness." -supergoing 半颗星

Muse - The Resistance 2009
"This made me like their old albums even more because they are so good in comparison" -crucifolk 两颗星
"Take 1/2 the songs from Black Holes and Revelations (You know which ones I'm talking about, tracks 5-10)
Make a mixture of new world order theories, mind control, 11 copies of 1984, and any other conspiracy theories you have lying about on your floor with a mixer, add this paste into it.
Mix some of the worst lyrics you can imagine.
Add a industrial-sized can of concentrated Thom Yorke, can and all.
Drench the thing in Queen very badly with a turkey baster (concentrate on what will become United States of Eurasia).
Throw in a goddamn symphony for good measure.
Force as much prog as you can into it before you pass out from the fumes.
And leave to bake at 666 degrees for 2 hours. Be sure to put it into the freezer right afterwords, don't want any life getting into this!" -Alaricjp 一颗星
跑步及其它    01/01/2010


不大喜欢做年终总结这类东西,这一年花了不少时间在工作上,只去了一趟厦门,看了两场重量级后摇,消遣都丢给了电影和美剧,没怎么看书,专辑也没好好听过几张,这些要从2010年好好来做,要work hard, 也要play hard