Visualization    07/27/2009

túrána hott kurdís by Hasta La Otra México!

将这视频延后22秒播放的话,配Korine Conception的Lost Imaginary倒是蛮不错

印尼后摇滚力量    07/26/2009

Band Members: Jajat (Guitar, Vocals), Rian (Bass, Vocals), Ricky (Guitar), Adhit (Guitar), Errol (Drum)

"Beyond The Sky"让人看到,印尼不止有Annemarie, Sunny Summer Day, Astrolab这些独立流行,盯鞋后摇或是氛围电音,其水准同样不可小觑

Ansaphone – Morning Lights Recover [EP] 2009

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Beyond The Sky    07/25/2009
印尼网路厂牌Invasi Records在7月发行的一张合辑,Highly Recommend!

Various Artists - Beyond The Sky part 1

Genre : Shoegaze, Post-Rock, Experimental
Tracklist :
01. Ansaphone – Raindrop
02. Korine Conception – Lost Imaginary
03. Individual Life – Paripurna
04. Autumn Ode – A Myriad Ways to Abduct and Thurst You In
05. Marché La Void – Scientific Despair
06. Retrieval – Temporary Soda
07. Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun – Happiness Between Us
08. Stellarium – Tomorrow’s Monday

Various Artists | Beyond The Sky part 2

Genre : Electronic, Electrocoustic, Ambient, Down-tempo
Tracklist :
09. Midnight Ark – Moonlight Symphony
10. Mataharibisu – Vanish And Disappear
11. Slylab – The Sound of Perfume
12. Channelpain – A Dying Wish
13. Amanda Oh Amanda – Go Home Now
14. Little Space Donkey – Eleven Brave Warrior On That Field
15. Summer In Berlin – Unperfect Song
16. Folkaholic - October Sky

Artists include: Ansaphone (Bandung), Korine Conception (Medan), Individual Life (Jogjakarta), Autumn Ode (Bandung), Marche La Void (Jakarta), Retrieval (Bandung), Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun (Bandung), Stellarium (Singapore), Midnight Ark (Jakarta), Mataharibisu (Jakarta), Slylab (Bandung), Channelpain (Jakarta), Amanda oh Amanda (Jakarta), Little Space Donkey (Jakarta), Summer in Berlin (Jakarta), Folkaholic (Jakarta)
jj    07/11/2009
Ambient Pop/Electronic/Swedish
"The latest cryptic release from the Tough Alliance's Sincerely Yours label fits right in alongside that Swedish electropop duo's dreamier bits and the Saint Etienne-inspired poolside imaginings of labelmates Air France.Whoever jj is, the A-side of her/his/their SY debut single creates a warm, wistful world out of douchey spoken-word samples, rippling acoustic guitar arpeggios, beach-party percussion, and all sorts of sighing instrumental ambience; willowy female vocals about sweet dreams and secret places float on top"--Pitchfork

神秘瑞典团,no myspace, no wikipedia information,除了官方厂牌Lastfm(唯一的图片是从单曲MV上截的|||)外一无所知,连pitchfork都大呼actually don't know who these Swedes are!

搞不好就是Air France那俩家伙捣鼓出来的haha,who cares, i especially like "Ecstasy"

jj - jj n°2 [Album] 2009

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We Fell To Earth    07/05/2009

Official Site--Myspace--Lastfm
前UNKLE成员Richard File和Wendy Rae Fowler(The Earthlings, Queens of the Stone Age)组成的new project,单曲"The Double"随着青春剧Gossip Girl大热了一把,首张专辑将于本月13号发行

We Fell To Earth - We Fell To Earth [EP] 2008
1.Lights Out (5:02)
2.Careful What You Wish For (4:19)
3.The Double ( 5:01)

Sharebee | Fs2u
Beirut at Hall of Williamsburg (February 4, 2009)

Watch the full concert at baeblemusic.com, it's amazing~~

Beirut - Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg [Album] 2009

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Life List    07/02/2009
最早在My Own Indie Bookstore上看到它的介绍,这次去厦门,就顺路去拜访一下。凭着干净清爽的日系风,Life List在douban上的走红不无道理。因为大多是收集品,没有无印良品来得系列性强,也不及它的平民化(于日本而言)。倒是很欣赏那只用纸箱做成的凳。他家的杂志竟然是不卖的,那是我唯一想买的东西

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Little Inn


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