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Members: Ola Innset, Simen Herning, Jørgen Nordby Henriksen, Nina Bø, Marie Sneve Martinussen and sometimes Jan Olav (Jani) Owren

My Little Pony来自挪威首都奥斯陆,这支五人团体成立不过两年,07年发行过一张EP"Songs in A major",并在挪威瑞典西班牙等地举办过50多场演出,首张专辑"Think Too Much"发行于08年10月

一如Seabear般怀旧而惬意的folk pop,"Skipping Down the Street"像一个旅行故事,虽然在阿根廷钱场失意,却在河对面的乌拉圭(Montevideo)找到爱情,女声歌词还用了西班牙语,MV用镜头记录下人们听歌的感受,直到最后才出现奥斯陆中央火车站的Jernbanetorget,颇有点搞怪味道,"Comic Relief"算是第二中意的曲目,歌词依然单纯而傻气,"In a television show from the crazy wild, wild west/one of the characters stands out from the rest/cause he's bald/always friendly/and sometimes comes late/and the others always tell him he's slightly overweight",无论如何,这个世界需要comic relief。就整张而言,后半似乎逊色不少,"The Sunshine Goodtime Song "尤其让人失望,算是专辑小小的遗憾

My Little Pony - Think Too Much [Album] 2008

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Mogwai Live in Hong Kong     12/09/2008
The Post-rock master Mogwai will be in HK again in January 2009

Venue: HITEC Auditorium, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Date: 18 January 2009 8:00pm
Ticket price: HK$480
Ticket available on Dec 3 2008 via all HKTicketing outlets

Thanks Jase桑!

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The Sound Before Christmas    12/07/2008
Folktronica/Indie-pop/Shoegaze/Folk (photo by shunsuke Iwata)

Tracklisting (artist - track [album])
1. Fredrik - Alina's Place [Na Na Ni]
experimental folk plus folktronica, personally prefer the tracks with Fredrik's vocals
2. Klaus & Kinski - Crucifixión, la solución [Tu hoguera está ardiendo]
Full Album Download, highly recommended!
3. Peasant - Raise Today [On the Ground]
this song has been played on Fox's television show "Bones"
4. Pop at Summer - Everything's Fine
A group from Indonesia, quite club 8 feeling
5. Preslee - Hit [1st]
"without vocals, Preslee could form a post-rock band"--when i first heard "came", this thought came across my mind
6. Rikers - Easter eyes
New EP download free at official site
7. Tornister - Big Fake
8. The Raveonettes - Christmas Ghosts [Wishing You a Rave Christmas]

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You Can Shine    12/05/2008

"why am i different from others?"
"why...do you have to be like others?"